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Faux Snow

Faux Snow

85 degrees, partly cloudy with 90% humidity and a chance of long lines, screaming children, and yellow snow. Yes, that’s right it was the annual snow fest at the museum where a measly five dollars bought you 15 minutes in a 40’x 60′ snow landscape mixture of sweat, slush and misguided snow balls. It could have easily have been sponsored by Red Bull since the children acted as if they had slurped down a six pack of them before being thrust into the faux winter bliss.

Lia was the exception, and of course led by example. She puckered up the pout lip and began to give her Oscar winning performance of how to act when you sit on cold wet stuff when you are dry. Since I was covered in sweat from the humidity, my bum completely wet from the snow, and not to mention I was starving, I decided to join her in her show of misery. Of course, my only thought was somehow my father secretly followed us up there just so he could jump out from behind a tree and exclaim “Shut up, before I give you both something to really cry about!”

What I found truly amazing was it seemed as if she was in her own little world as she would play with a small snowball or kick her foot into the ice without any regard to the commotion around her. It’s as if she was calculating how many facets had quickly developed into small hexagonal prisms from the water vapor condensing. I’m sure it was either that, or she was working on a doodie.

See pics here.