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Birthday Girl

Sleeping Lia

Twas the day before Christmas, just leaving the house
not a creature was stirring, not even Mickey Mouse.
Snug in my car seat without even a fear
in less than 24 hours Santa would be here.

Shoes and socks pulled off my cute little feet,
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD set on repeat.
So much excitement on my very big day,
presents galore, I will surely play, play, play.

We have come to a stop, where are we now?,
awaking suddenly without a sullen brow.
It’s my birthday party at James Coney Island,
hot dogs, cake, and more toys made in Thailand.

Unbuckle me from the seat, I have people to see,
better yet, bring me presents from under the tree.
when, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
not a snowflake in sight, Jack Frost can kiss my rear.

A crowd at James Coney on this Christmas Eve?
If it wasn’t for friends and family I would probably leave.
Sure, test my hunger and patience on this glorious day,
Here I come front of the line, as I make my way.

“A number 1, a number 1!” I continue to call,
on deaf ears my request certainly did fall.
Orders are ready with their vein clogging paradise
Of course I get a plain wiener, only it’s sliced.

It’s safe to say I’m not really a hot dog fan, not even a sliver
maybe a good choice for someone living in a van down by the river
Just then a large finger with icing forced me to taste
“Quickly! Where is my spoon? There is no time to waste”

I will eat this stuff day and night until I am Eleven
Pinch me quick, because I must be in heaven.
Sure, toys are great and they have their place
Try and take this away, and I’ll spray you with mace.

Birthday is winding down and I am getting pretty tired
but come tomorrow morning I will be ready and wired
So I end with a yawn now that the cake has made me a fatty
This was the best 1st birthday ever… thank you daddy.