Working the System

Lia Laundry Basket

As expected, Lia is now in the stage of showing particularity on who is going to hold her. It’s humorous to see as a parent that you are one of the select few who she has deemed worthy enough to hold her highness. I’m surprised her Tiara doesn’t fall off each time I pass her off to someone else. What I find especially entertaining is when I do pass her to someone and she begins to cry, they automatically assume that Lia does not like them and are quick to pass her back in a way you would hold out a sack of rotten potatoes, with their head turned and one eye squinted.

At only 13 months old, Lia may not know the real meaning of “cause and effect” but she does understand the basic principal. I prefer to call it “working the system”. For example, if she no longer wants to be in the playpen, she will begin her standing knee bend bounce along with her outrageous pout lip combined with her famous tears on demand cry. The exact moment you pick her up, the clouds in the sky part and the sun beams through with squirrels and blue birds appear and begin singing “Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!”. If you even make the slightest step towards the playpen or act like you are going to put her down, sun goes back into clouds, squirrels and birds fall over and die, pout lip comes forth and so on.

It’s almost as if she doesn’t get her way, she will not stand for it and let you know it. It appears as if I not only passed on the birthday curse (birthday too close to Christmas) but also the art of manipulation 😉 I’m sure that won’t come back to haunt me.


Lia Jordan Close-Up

Sometimes I wonder what you are up to and if I ever cross your little mind. Other times I wonder how I lived life without you for so long, but realize things happen for a reason and I am thankful to have you in my life now and call you my own. You have come along and put my life in perspective and given me even more strength to endure life’s challenges, for you are the light of an endless tunnel.

I have been told countless times by my parents and friends that have children of their own, that the love you have for your own is unexplainable and cannot be comprehended without experiencing it first hand. I have been trying to think of one word to explain my feelings for you, and throughout life’s greatest writers not one word has been invented to encompass that one true feeling. Most people would say love, but even that fails to convey the mass of emotion when I think of you. Maybe such a word cannot exist because it’s undefinable and incomprehensible by human emotion. Could it be that the one word is simply your name? When it’s read, mentioned or even said, I feel every emotion I have ever felt for you in a blink of an eye.

Or maybe sometimes words are just not enough.

Lions, Tigers, and Komodo’s…Oh, My!

A nice cool breeze with dim overcast skies
restless tigers, tired path, and awfully quiet sighs

My blue eyed angel looks from afar with so much delight
monkeys, birds, and giraffes are among the many lucid sights.

Tigers we see, as thoughts race among her constant growing mind,
As they stare back wondering which one of us tastes better with wine.

Peering at the orange monkey’s as they lean over hunched,
As we step back in fear that they might throw their once eaten lunch.

Snapping pictures of her first experience and wondrous expressions
sharing and spending this time with her is always a blessing.

Elephants slowly jaunting in their ritualistic gait,
Weighing 2.5 tons, Lia will want one… at any rate.

Indonesian dragons like the intensely feared Komodo
Lia plops down and thinks “Please hurry with this darn photo!”

“Lia, you’re fine..don’t lean, or move, and please just stay put!”
“Easy to say Daddy, when you’re not the one next to his big scaly foot!”

“I swear daddy, how many pictures must you honestly take?”
“you are worse than a tourist enjoying their spring break”

“I do this for you and to capture the many memories we will share”
“For this time is precious; for you have my heart, my love and all of my cares”

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Learn to Parent

With my parental senses coming to full blossom with a year now under my wings, I have noticed that I am much more “daddy” aware of things around me. For instance, when I am out to dinner without Lia, I notice kids running around tables, crying, and even sleeping in the booths next to me. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I actually might be growing up. I think it totally hit me when I caught myself looking for the brand name of a stroller instead of the hot woman that was pushing it.

On my way to Downtown the other day, the above billboard above caught my eye. My first reaction was a mixture of “wow, that’s sad” followed by an eruption of laughter. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally against any type of child abuse, but I can promise you that no matter how mad Lia will make me in the future, red and blue flames will never shoot out of my mouth towards her. However, I would have to say I would be pretty upset if I had an over-sized head with a bad toupee and hands that look like little boxing gloves. But hey, that’s not his child’s fault.