To swing, or not to swing…

Lia park

At 14 months Lia is growing fast and things are starting to change about her almost daily. There are things that she doesn’t like now that she loved when she was younger. Yesterday was a beautiful day outside and we decided it would be a great day for another photo shoot and enjoy the weather at a local park.

Usually where there are parks there are most likely playgrounds. Where there are playgrounds you will most likely find swings. When you find swings, you will most likely find Lia. Well, not so fast….when I tried to put Lia in the baby swing I was suddenly holding a pink banshee. The sound reminded me of the shrill a lobster makes when going into a pot of boiling water. What happened? She used to love the swing. Is there a swing in her closet that comes out at night to scare her? Where did it all go wrong? Am I a bad parent? Fortunately for me, another father with his 2 kids was there to calm my fears. He smiled and said his youngest also went through a period of not liking the swing.

Well, correct me if I am wrong but as a kid growing up, if I didn’t like something let’s say like Hominy (the forgotten vegetable – and for good reason) well BY GOD I would never like it, which is still the case to this day. Apparently, kids go through likes and dislike stages which has been an educational experience for me. I think at this age kids are a little more vocal about what they don’t like because when I do something that she likes, I of course get a smile and then a look like “well duh, couldn’t you tell that this is what I wanted to begin with?” Wow, at only 14 months she is already showing signs of womanhood and the disdain for the lack of mind reading capabilities that men apparently should come equipped with.

Dylan, Clifford same difference

As a proud father of a beautiful girl, I am also the reluctant parent of a baby brown hippo. Dylan has now surpassed the 100lb. mark. When he eats, he takes more than he can possibly chew in one bit so that the other 45 morsels fall from his mouth a few at a time with each chew. I sometimes always question his reasoning . For example, there are 150 other more comfortable places in the house to take a snooze, yet he prefers to try and sprawl out in his hamster cage.

It was a remarkable and proud moment the other day when he lifted his leg to pee for the first time instead of his sissy mini squat. Of course that proud moment was short lived as he proceeded to eat some cat poop nearby just seconds afterwards. At times I see flashes of brilliance, other times I see a four-legged Rain Man. “Course, three minutes to Dog park.” “Three minutes to Dog park.”

Phone Call to Grandpa

Lia Black and White

(Telephone Ring)

Grandpa: “Hello”

Me: “Hey Dad, what’s going on?”

Grandpa: “Oh, just finished up some paintings… What’s up with you?…Did you have Lia today?”

Me: “Cool, can’t wait to see them, Yes I did have Lia today, you should have seen her. As I was buckling her into her car seat and stared at her for a few seconds, I was noticing that she is starting to look different.”

Grandpa: (worried) “What do you mean she looks different!, is she still pretty?”

Me: (laughing) “Of course she is still pretty, I mean that her facial features are changing and her face seems to be thinning out a little. She is just growing is all, but glad to see you concern is mainly in her aesthetics”

Grandpa: (laughing) “You know what I meant, just don’t scare me like that.”

Me: “Yes Dad, I understand… Your love for her is unconditional, unless she ends up looking like a hermit crab.”

Grandpa: “Now you are just being ridiculous, I don’t even like seafood.”

Me: (laughing) “Never mind.”

Picture Perfect

Lia Jordan Modeling

It’s been said many times that Lia is a Gerber baby and that she should be modeling. As her father and her #1 fan, I am cautious of modeling and exposure to that industry. I know that even if she only does it from now until 2 or 3 that she will most likely not remember much or any of it. I just know how one thing can lead to another and my main concern that I want her to be as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside and enjoy her childhood.

On the flip side this could open up a world of opportunity for her and any money earned would go towards her college tuition. As a protective father you only want what’s best for your daughter and try to guide them away from things that may have an impact on their lives that may change who they are in your mind. Thinking back to my childhood, I wasn’t blessed with good looks, unless MAD Magazine needed a real life Alfred E. Newman model because I was a spitting image at age 8. Where Lia got her good looks is beyond me, but will still be cautious as to which places I submit photos to and selective in the path I take since I am only looking out for her best interest.

This past weekend was a good friend of mines son’s 3rd B-day party. Ethan’s parents are really good friends of mine and have been for quite some time. They are like family to me and the type of people I would like Lia to continue to grow up around. The party was out in the country complete with hayride and yodeling music. Yes, you read right, Yodeling. Had it not been my responsibility to hold Lia I would have constructed a sword out of hay to fall onto. The ride was great and it was good to breathe in some fresh air for a change. The bumps and sway of the tractor sled must have been melodic because Lia was upright for all of 10 minutes with the latter 30 minutes asleep in my arms. This was the perfect opportunity to actually see what her sunglasses looked like on her face since it must be a sin to actually wear them over her eyes in her little world. Ahhhhhh, To be a kid again. Think about it.. how much would you pay to fall asleep in someones arms during a hayride on a perfect sunny and cool day? Ignorance WAS bliss, I don’t remember signing up for this.. besides I strictly remember singing along with my t.v. that “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us Kid”.

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