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Phone Call to Grandpa

Lia Black and White

(Telephone Ring)

Grandpa: “Hello”

Me: “Hey Dad, what’s going on?”

Grandpa: “Oh, just finished up some paintings… What’s up with you?…Did you have Lia today?”

Me: “Cool, can’t wait to see them, Yes I did have Lia today, you should have seen her. As I was buckling her into her car seat and stared at her for a few seconds, I was noticing that she is starting to look different.”

Grandpa: (worried) “What do you mean she looks different!, is she still pretty?”

Me: (laughing) “Of course she is still pretty, I mean that her facial features are changing and her face seems to be thinning out a little. She is just growing is all, but glad to see you concern is mainly in her aesthetics”

Grandpa: (laughing) “You know what I meant, just don’t scare me like that.”

Me: “Yes Dad, I understand… Your love for her is unconditional, unless she ends up looking like a hermit crab.”

Grandpa: “Now you are just being ridiculous, I don’t even like seafood.”

Me: (laughing) “Never mind.”