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Dylan, Clifford same difference

As a proud father of a beautiful girl, I am also the reluctant parent of a baby brown hippo. Dylan has now surpassed the 100lb. mark. When he eats, he takes more than he can possibly chew in one bit so that the other 45 morsels fall from his mouth a few at a time with each chew. I sometimes always question his reasoning . For example, there are 150 other more comfortable places in the house to take a snooze, yet he prefers to try and sprawl out in his hamster cage.

It was a remarkable and proud moment the other day when he lifted his leg to pee for the first time instead of his sissy mini squat. Of course that proud moment was short lived as he proceeded to eat some cat poop nearby just seconds afterwards. At times I see flashes of brilliance, other times I see a four-legged Rain Man. “Course, three minutes to Dog park.” “Three minutes to Dog park.”