Daddy’s Little Girl

Lia Focused

You are a daddy’s little girl, that is for sure,
Whatever you want, with that smile so pure.

Each day a blessing, no matter what we do,
Immeasurable love is what I have for you.

You laugh, you hug, you kiss and you cry,
I will always be there to wipe that tear from your eye.

You are my peaks to my valleys from week to week,
Every problem solved when you kiss me on the cheek.

As you grow I will protect you from whats under your bed,
No ghosts, goblins or monsters in your room will ever tread.

A ball of joy and a bucket of energy all rolled into one,
I never knew having a child could be this much fun.

Of course there are times when you don’t get your way,
the horns come out, eyebrows furl and arms violently sway.

It’s ok from time to time because I love you just the same,
no matter if you become rich and reach new heights of fame.

Just remember your humble beginnings as your life unfurls,
no matter what you do and where you go…
you will always be Daddy’s little girl.