Vintage Lia

What use to sound like a foreign language is actually starting to sound more like English. Of course when your “binky” is in your mouth it regresses back to someone with Novocaine filled cheeks trying to talk. For example last weekend you were all nestled in your spot on the couch watching Imagination Movers on Disney while I was checking email in the other room. I remember looking away from the computer to sneeze and then I hear “slesscchh you” (of course your binky was in your mouth). I paused for a second to confirm what I thought I heard, smiled, and then said “thank you”. I immediately got up to peek around the corner to stare and soak up this precious moment to reflect on later in life… like when you sneak out of the house or when you tell your first lie to me.

Of course neither of those will EVER happen because angels cannot lie and your wings and harp will not fit through the window. I think the other funny thing about you right now is anytime I begin a sentence to you with “are you ready to … or do you want?” you immediately begin to shake your head no. Mostly because it is followed by something you don’t want to do like Nap, or bath, or go to bed. So I have started to have fun with it and end it with stuff like “for me to buy you a new car when you turn 16? Or “get married before you are 30? I now have proof on video that you said “NO” to BOTH of those questions to play back for you when you try and ask me about either when you are older.

With me all the time

We are forever together even when you are miles away,
I see you in my mind playing and laughing each and every day.

I smile when I pull your clothes from the warm dryer,
our bond is visible to everyone and very often admired

You are my kite soaring with the clouds above the world to see
spreading your arms you slowly descend back into my arms with me.

Your many toys and play kitchen sigh when you are not around,
the patter of your feet on hardwood floors is your trademark sound.

Popping in at daycare to surprise you because you are my little sunshine,
“Da-Deee!” you exclaim with open arms and for a while again you are mine.

A bond like ours some never have but with us is forever tied,
You’re with me always in my mind and even when we’re side by side.