…and a little dash of smile.

If I were a master chef of life, your smile is the only ingredient I would need to sprinkle to bake up some happiness. This image was sitting on my computer desktop ready for me to publish each time I woke up my computer. It was even there when I closed all of my open applications reminidng me I needed to write this post. It was like no matter what I was thinking or what I was doing it wasn’t nearly as important as seeing your precious smile looking at me having fun and each time I smiled when I saw it. Although I have a picture of you in a frame on my desk, this image was an imaginative animated version of you smiling and having fun wherever you were when I looked at it.

I know you most likely won’t remember having fun at this particular moment at the park, and that’s understandable. What matters most to me is that you know how much fun we had together when you were growing up. You have brought so much happiness to my life and the more I see you, the more I want to keep hugging you and never let you go. Your smile and giggles ring through my thoughts at all hours of the day.

When you are exhausted and you have soaked up all the fun for one day, it’s the head rest on my shoulder that says to me “Daddy, this day would not have been complete without you.” Well my angel, my life would not have been complete without you.