2 Years Young

Today is D-Day, err I mean your B-day.  You officially turned 2 this morning and probably had no earthly idea what everyone around you was trying to tell you.  Well, my little girl you have officially spent 730 days on Earth.  It doesn’t seem that long when you think about it, but you have grown up so much in such a short period of time and I am glad to have you in my life to enjoy it with.

This past Saturday was about the 3 B’s…Bolt, Barfing, and Bawling.  Usually, those 3 would never go together.. but 2 of them might, since I used to cry when i threw up.   It all started off with taking you to see the movie Bolt.  Yeah, I was that guy..you know the one with a baby in a movie theatre, although it was a little more appropriate since it was a kid’s film, not like the family last week who attempted to bring a 1 year old into the "The Day the Earth Stood Still".  This is one of those times in life a bullhorn would be great to whip out and say "do you really not hear your baby crying, and why would you even attempt to bring him/her to a movie like this anyways?"  I mean really, who is going to talk back to a guy with a bullhorn.  I mean if he even tried i would just say something on top of whatever he just said until he realizes he would not get a word out.

lia muniz

Anyways, Lia was sort of interested in the movie until the lady next to us starting eating popcorn, just loud enough to catch Lia’s attention.  I knew it was all over and the concession stand line was in my immediate future.  So, I leaned over to my father and asked if he wouldn’t mind running up there for me since I had Lia.  He said, "god Damn it Chris, I don’t even know where we are at and how to get back here."  I told him to just go out the door we came in and go all the way down to the stair case and make a right.  He nodded and proceeded on his mission.  Just then Lia started getting antsy and just decided to follow him out but he didn’t see I was just a bout 10 feet behind him when all of a sudden he is asking someone for directions just outside the theater doors.  I love him to death, but I honestly think Lia could have found the concession stand and she is only 2.

So after Bolt, we decided to go the in-mall Carousel.  The first ride was great until after exiting to get in line again they were carrying a boy who had just barfed in the spinning tea cups.  So after waiting for clean-up on aisle tea cups we then finished our last 2 rides with the final one ending in a little girl this time throwing up 5 feet from us from the tea cup syndrome.  That was our cue to exit.  After making our way to the exit and back to the car we noticed that the line to get a picture with Santa was manageable and seemed to going pretty fast.

lia muniz

Once in line Lia was excited about Santa and kept pointing at him and smiling.  Well that all changed abruptly as we approached Santa, and right then it was like trying to pull a cat off me.  The ultimate “I’m not gonna breath for 10 seconds because I’m pissed cry” was now in play as she kicked her feet while being held hostage in Santa’s Reindeer Heaven.  They were able to take a few pictures, but it wasn’t until Daddy came into the picture that somehow the world in your eyes were right again.

You may have never been on any of my Christmas lists, but you were definitely the best gift I ever received.

Crayons: The Breakfast of Champions

The other day Lia was doing her own little coloring thing in her My Little Pony coloring book.  I’m guessing her arm was tired, and decided to take a break from redecorating my walls with Jackson Pollock like accuracy.  Anyways, I had noticed that it was a little too quiet for a couple of minutes so I decided to get up and see where she had wandered and when I called her name she came running back to me from the kitchen hollering with a chewed crayon in her right hand.  As she approached me I could see the shrapnel of blue crayon in the crevices of her teeth.

Apparently, she knew not to try and eat it in front of me, and ran off to a secluded part of the house to enjoy her blue wax buffet.  As tasty as crayons look to me from time to time, the smell is a dead give-a-way that it probably won’t be as delectable as imagined.  Of course she is only almost 2, but even then after warning her on several occasions that you don’t eat crayons I have to come to realize that trial and error is in order for certain instances.

This was definitely a Kodak moment, however what type of parent would I be to make my child walk around with her mouth open in horror because she was afraid to shut it for that perfect picture.  “hold on honey,  I know you are afraid to swallow and breath, but I need this picture to show all of our friends and family while you are in duress.”  So, I leave you with a picture, which I would like to enter into evidence as Exhibit C for Crayola.

Christmas Treeson

In my 34 years here on earth, I am pleased to announce that I can now say that I have had a real tree for Christmas. Now I know there is nothing wrong with having a fake tree since that is all I really knew growing up. My parents committed “Christmas Treeson” by having the same fake tree for over 12 years and I simply became accustomed to it and it’s simplicity, never really giving it much thought to having a “real” tree. The act of having a fake tree is not a crime, using it for 12 years or more is. When exes would suggest “hey, let’s get a real tree” I would simply shrug it off and say “no, a fake one will do just fine”. I never really put any thought to the sentimental value of going out and hand picking the tree of your choice, and having the aroma of a Douglas fir filling the hallways of the house. I have always liked Christmas and this time of year because of my parents, even though we always lacked a real tree. However, I want Lia to have the sights, sounds, and now the smells of Christmas to fill her memories with the joys this time of year brings.

We are only t-minus 20 days until the ever approaching, much dreaded and often warned TERRIBLE TWO’S. Although I have found it’s usually worst between 2 approaching 3 which I have a works cited page(s) of parents to verify this very fact. It’s hard to convince me though, since a halo floats above her picture on my desk. She has had her moments, but I usually shrug it off thinking “I don’t think it will get much worse than this”. I’m not being naive, just positive, as a parent should be even in the most trying times.

I look forward to Christmas with her each year as I will try my hardest to top the previous. Not with act of giving the best presents so much, but rather the joy, laughter, and essence of Christmas this time of year brings. I hope to solidify the memories of Christmas in her life, as my parents did for mine. Only this time without committing the act of Christmas Treeson. 🙂 I love you Mom and Dad, thanks for making Christmas so special for me. I now have a wonderful daughter to share this time of year with.