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Mamacita Claus

Mamacita from They Creative on Vimeo.

You know Dasher, Prancer, Pancho and Pedro????  WHAT!  Exactly, those where the lyrics I heard coming from my daughter’s singing Chihuahua.  A present from my grandmother who is notorious for giving out interesting Christmas presents.  Now don’t get me wrong, God Bless her for trying since she has always had the best intentions, even when she gave me a Snoopy Football shirt when I was 22.  She said I can wear it to play basketball at the park.

You see, my grandmother suffers from “you’re not to old for me to spank your little britches” syndrome.  Which the most common symptoms include age forgetfulness, handing out quarters for rewards, and last but not least, “creative” gift giving.  I love her to death and wouldn’t change her for the world, but now I have a little girl that will now inherit these gifts.  Well Lia, great grandma didn’t disappoint this year.

The joy and merriment of Christmas laughter was in the air.  People were eating, smiling, opening gifts and sharing stories of Christmas past.  As I slid this gift in front of you, you tore into it like a wolverine who hadn’t eaten in weeks.  Just then like in the movies the record scratches and complete silence fills the room as we all just gazed at 9″ Chihuahua bobbing back and forth in perfect rhythm with my grandmother as she tries to get you interested in the toy.  Then the laughter.  It was like an airborne virus as each laugh was harder than the previous.  When we actually figured out some of what he was actually saying we laughed harder until we could not laugh anymore.  We wiped away the tears as declining chuckles still filled the room here and there.  It was a laugh for the ages and we owe it all to my grandmother and your great grandmother.

You hugged the dog and carried it with you the rest of the night continuing to play the song throughout the night.  It was a wonderful gift for everyone there, and most of all it was a wonderful gift to you.  What made it so special was it was all she could afford this year, and it was priceless.  When you are old enough to read this many years from now, I want you to take from this story that money and gifts are nice but love, laughter and life is far more special than any tangible gift.  Merry Christmas my sweet angel…



P.S. You had plenty of presents from Mommy and Daddy, but it was the family time that I hope you will always treasure.