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A New Year Brings New Stories

They say time flies when you are having fun, and it couldn’t be more true than right now in my life.  Each day seems like an hour as we slowly tick closer to the end of a decade filled with dot com busts, wars, recessions, and me a first time father.  I would have thought all the others were more likely to happen if you would have asked me in 2000.  I can’t really believe I am 35 now, nor will I accept it.

I still feel like I am in my 20’s and probably act it at times too.  No one says you ever have to grow up, and I will stay young for Lia as long as she wants me to.  I will always be there for you to give you a ride on my shoulders, and stay by your side when you are feeling under the weather to make you some chicken soup and watch a movie with.  After all the fun times we have shared together, I have to admit it’s when you lean on me when we watch T.V together, or the end of the day hug when you arms are just long enough to barely touch each shoulder that I think about when we are apart.  I also use your chair as a foot rest and smile each time I see it wondering what you are up to at that very moment.

The other day we were playing with your “Little People” castle you received for Christmas as it seems to be the home run gift thus far.  It was then I was able to see a glimpse of your imagination come into play as you seated all your guests around the table for a meal.  Of course that is before the Land before Dylan came marching into your fairy tale dream and began knocking over your dinner guests as you exclaim “No!” and push his snout away.  You then began to pick them up and re-seat them like nothing ever happened but I could see the cycle starting all over again, because I know Dylan.

You see, The heads of the “Little People” you play with are equivalent to the brain in Dylan’s noggin.  He actually thinks there is a dinner going on and wants to sniff the food on their plates although he doesn’t realize it is just a sticker on the toy table.  When I see this happening, I can’t help but just watch it happen for entertainment purposes.  It’s sort of like popping bubble wrap, addicting and entertaining.  So when he comes in again for a quick sniff he accidentally crashes the entire dinner party leaving all your guests lying on the floor with their feet up.  I think for a brief moment Dylan actually knew what was coming so he quickly got away as you started a scream that was very similar to the tornado alarms in Oklahoma.

As soon as he was out of your peripheral it was out of sight, out of mind.  Although you didn’t turn green and start smashing things, I think next time I will not let Dylan test the waters just to be on the safe side.