My Little Drama Queen

My poor little angel had to have blood drawn from her big toe for an iron count.  However, her facial expression, the tears and her body language suggest that she had her foot amputated.  Notice how she even has her big toe lifted?  Well this my friends and family is my little drama queen, and I couldn’t be happier.  I mean if she was tough and didn’t cry, she wouldn’t need daddy to tell her that everything was going to be alright shortly after “her surgery”. 🙂

I am happy to report that her iron count is back up after being alerted that it was low.  It is not that uncommon in children especially finicky eaters much like myself.  After a month of god awful tasting iron supplement she is back to normal, minus the “in her own mind” quart of blood they drained from her big toe.

She is growing fast and it is starting to scare me a little.  It’s really hard to explain, but I almost don’t want her to grow up.  She is a ton of fun at her age and since we are at the cusp of true communication and comprehension, it scares me to think she won’t be my little girl forever.   She already has a mind of her own and her personality is a beacon of light to bask in the glow of.  I wonder what she will grow up to be and wonder if she will have the artistic talents my father passed onto me.  Maybe she will be an actor. She would be a shoo-in for an Oscar after the doctor’s office visit.

I do have one request for my little angel which I may have already shared once before.  I would love for her to learn the piano.  I have dreamed of the day that she plays my favorite Ben Fold’s songs for me.  Until that day, I’ll be happy with you being my little drama queen.

Defcon 1

Things are definitely changing with you almost daily.  You still have your sweet and innocent mannerisms, but you have a wild side that rears it’s ugly head from time to time.   Of course it’s to be expected and I’m not at all surprised but even when you are at your worst, I have a way to soothe the savage beasts.  It helps knowing that redirection, and distraction tactics come into play, and they actually work.  I’m guessing you will probably catch on sooner or later, but it works for you and I in the time being.

The other day we were at Walgreen’s refilling a prescription in the drive-thru when you saw the lady hand me the white bag through the window you immediately exclaimed “french fry”.  Well, needless to say I got a huge chuckle out of that because your observation skills.  Drive-thru, Car, White bag..surely there are french fries in that bag.  Well when I turned around to explain that we were not at McDonald’s you had a look that only can be described as a mathematician that just had his proof proved wrong.  After the explanation, you were ok with it and moved on.

Now, later that day a simple explanation would not work.  Mainly because you had one thing on your sub concious which was sleep.  We had just left a superbowl party where you had spent at least 2 solid hours playing non-stop with 3 other children and chasing a miniature pinscher around a back yard.  You were exhausted, tired, and sleepy or as i like to call it DEFCON 1. I knew the drive was only 30 mintues, but I knew that the slightest bump in the road would set you off and would closely describe the process as disarming a nuclear warhead with only a hammer and a brick. Well, it happened with less than 5 minutes until  Ipulled into the driveway when your binky was thrown down out of frustration from being in the car seat a little too long for your liking.  Ok, Distraction! “Hey Lia, look at that cow in that field” was my first reaction (realizing we were in the city already and just went with the first thing that popped in my mind) and I just happened to be pointing at an over sized woman getting gas.  Just then the air was filled with laughter by us and soon you followed suite and we were back to DEFCON 5 as we pulled in driveway….and that night, the world was right again in your eyes.