No, Thank you!

When you finally slow down enough to get a snack in your tummy, you still find a way to provide free entertainment for our viewing pleasure. I have been very adamant about you saying please and thank you, which you have responded quite nicely thus far. I just happened to have the video camera handy to catch when being too nice actually backfires.

This past weekend was a dreary wet weekend filled with non-stop commotion and tons of Fraggle Rock.  Yes my little darling, you are being exposed to the very same puppet entertainment that I watched growing up.  Jim Henson was the creator of this half hour puppet-stravaganza filled with Doozers, dancing, music and ogres.  When I saw the entire boxed collection become available on, I couldn’t wait for you to see the first episode. Without much surprise to me, you were instantly hooked. I wasn’t as young as you were when it came out, but that doesn’t mean you will enjoy it any less, you just will not understand the subject matter until you are older. Jim Henson found away to entertain all ages with the music and dancing, while the older kids were taught the simple values Gobo, Mokey, Red and Boober encountered on a daily basis.

{Spoiler Alert}
As many times as Junior Ogre promised “OOHHH one day I’m going to get you fwaggles”, he sadly never does. Which would stand to reason, since he would probably would have eaten them, which in turn would have made the DVD boxed set a few seasons short.