When was the last time someone asked you to look at the clouds on a fair day?  Well today on the way to the zoo my daughter exclaimed “Look at the clouds daddy”.  Not that it was an unorthodox statement, but rather when was the last time that I actually slowed down enough to enjoy the simple things in life we take for granted?


It made me remember simpler times growing up with not a care in the world.  If I tried hard enough I could make a shape out of any cumulus cloud, or spend hours on end in 100+ degree weather making dirt ramps to jump, exploring private property, and even jumping off 60′ dangerous cliffs into water without a care in the world.  Now, if it doesn’t beep, ring, or have an internet connection I almost lose interest.  Of course I am older and technology has changed dramatically in the last 25 years, but that does not mean that I can’t disconnect myself long enough to enjoy the free and beautiful things in life.


I cannot imagine what is in store for you Lia over the course of the next 25 years, but will try my hardest to balance to keep you aware of beauty in the life around you, as well as an ever growing explosion in technology.  These advances in technology have made me rely on them to function as a time saving effort, but still know how do do things the old fashioned way in case I am forced to go that primitive route again.  I am hoping to instill the same with you regardless if you have the ability to update your Twitter, Facebook, and even make toast by way of telekinesis.  You WILL be taught how to do things the way we used to do it before there was even an internet.


Do me a favor though, as you grow older and life starts to get busy for you…please don’t forget the smaller beautiful things in life because those are taken for granted by millions of people everyday.  By asking me to look at the clouds today, you took me back 25 years to laying in my front yard making shapes out of clouds without a care in the world.  The funny thing is, it was probably mid summer and I was bored out of my mind at the time.   But looking back,  I can’t think of anything in the past 25 years that made me feel so creatively at ease and so fulfilling.  So much so that memory like my love for you, will be there forever.

Walking Teleporter

It is said that teleportation is the way of the future.  So it comes at no surprise to me that I am indeed the father of a walking, talking teleportation device..  I can walk into any room in the house and have a pretty good idea of where something is at almost any given time.  Now, that is not to say that my place is spic and span and EVERYTHING has it’s place as my father used to preach to me, no, it’s just that my place is fairly tidy and pretty plain.  When a variable such as my 2 year old daughter code named “TeLIAportation” enters the room, I see things moved around the house without actually seeing her physically move them. I know that I’m getting old, but not old enough to not notice physical absurdities happening around me.

It’s almost like this scene from Poltergeist only not as dramatic or scary.  For instance, I could have everything packed for her ready to walk out the door and think, “Oh, I forgot her baby” which I last saw 30 seconds ago on the couch and low and behold it’s on my bed.  I know my house is not haunted, well…, THIS IS the place was where we watched the Superbowl Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, which caused more eye trauma than any household haunting could possibly do, but I digress.  I can see Lia play with her toys all day long but I guess I never really see her put them down.  God forbid she ever uses the remotes to the T.V. because I will most likely tear into the sheet rocked walls if I cannot find those.

She is growing and learning at a pace I can hardly keep up with.  Of course it’s not like we are watching Fraggle Rock one minute and the next discussing the recession, but I am noticing small changes in her learning and understanding of her environment and her vision and memory is almost of superhero status.  She can walk by my “memo” board and see a wallet sized picture of her in Santa’s lap which is 3′ above her peripheral vision and point out and Yell “Santa!”.  I’m all like “sure honey, yeah Santa..are you ready to go now?” and as I pick her up, I noticed the picture and was amazed because the image was partly covered by about 3 TO GO food menus so all you really saw was Santas legs.  It’s amazing to think of how cluttered our minds are with everyday things that we neglect the smaller things around us.  It’s like children have a 6th sense that we all came equipped with, long before everyday life got in the way.

I have to also mention that her memory is outstanding in the fact considering what she remembered was no longer there.  We were standing in line for the indoor playground at the mall when she points in a general direction and says “Santa”, and of course I’m saying” No honey, Santa is not here.” when all of a sudden I realize she was able to remember that this was the area that the Santa pictures occured which was astounding to me since there is not one physical remnant that it even took place there.  No big chair, no lights, no 14′ reindeer.. nothing but people walking whuch as simply amazing for me to comprehend at her age.  Hopefully this is the first sign of a vivid imagination which I was thankfully blessed with.  The fact that she was able to recreate in her mind that in fact was the area where the pictures were taken was a step in that general direction and hopefully she is able to build upon it as she continues to grow.  She is not only an amazing child to me, but she also is my pride and joy.  Time may be flying fast, but I can truly say I am enjoying every minute of it although the minutes tend to feel like seconds as time continues to wisp on by.