Knot to Scare Me, but…


What started out as a innocent Saturday afternoon ended up being a little tramatic for the both of us and you with a nasty little knot on the back of your head.  We had been invited over to neighbors to hang out because they have grown very fond of you.  She is on an older woman byt the name of Doris, and it’s just her and her mother living together just down the road.  I see them quite often when walking Dylan or when she is outside taking care of her garden.


Over the past 2 years it had become tradition to stop by when you were staying with me, and during that time they had grown very fond of you.  This particular weekend had been a few weeks since they last had seen you and they had requested that we come over.  We had ventured into the back yard where you had found a couple of her garden pinwheels that you felt needed relocation.  We were all trying to teach you how to blow gently on the pinwheel to get it to spin, but you insisted that your 300 PSI blowing bubbles blow was more effective.  Which it probably would have been had you actually had the pinwheel facing the right direction.


After a couple of laps around the yard you had decided it was time to come sit with the big people and pull up a chair.  Doris then remembered that she had a smaller plastic chair that would fit you better. When you climbed in the chair you were playing with your pinwheel when all of a sudden you had rocked back and just happened to catch the edge of where the grass met the concrete with the back of your head.   It was the first time since having you that I felt completely helpless as I waited for you to catch your breath before letting out a gut wrenching scream.  As I held you close I was feeling the back of your head praying that it didn’t break the skin, which it didn’t.  After a couple of minutes and 15 million apologies from Doris on her placement of the chair, you seemed to be alright.  Of course any type of head trauma requires close observation over the next several hours.


You didn’t show any signs that would require a trip to the hospital other than the knuckle sized lump on the back of your head which amazingly you let me keep a cold pack on for 15 minutes at a time.  You ate dinner, laughed and played as usual and then got you ready for bed.  It had been almost 4 hours since the incident and with any head injury you should monitor any sleepiness after hitting the head.  Of course I was a little over protective, but I woke you up 2 times in the middle of the night just to make sure you were alert and functional.  I admit it was total overkill, but as a parent you just can never be too safe and I just couldn’t fathom life without you, much less over a small accident that I could not protect you from.


I’m happy to report that you were ok, but it did make me realize how fortunate I am to have a healthy baby girl.  The helplessness I felt after the accident must pale in comparison to the parents of  Children with Cancer or any disease for that matter.  I wanted to take the pain away from you but could only comfort.  In the future when the bumps, scrapes, cuts and falls happen; the dynamic duo of Daddy and Neosporin will be there for you.  I love you my sweetheart an remember I may not always be around to catch you when you fall, but I will always be there to tell you everything is going to be alright.