Imagination and Memories


I have to say the past 6 months have been the best with Lia. Communication is up, tantrums are down and this is the age I always said that I looked forward to the most. The development of her personality right before my very eyes has been magical, fun, and at times thought provoking. I say this because she makes me remember the little things in life I hadn’t thought about in years. I never really thought about how much I am taking in from having a child and how much she is teaching me at the same time.


I’m also glad to report that her imagination is alive and well. A recent trip to the park allowed me to view this first hand as we “pretended” to watch t.v. in her make shift house underneath one of the playgrounds. I told her it was dark in her house and she needed to turn on the light for me to see and she flipped an imaginary switch on one of the pole supports. I am not sure exactly when my imagination kicked in but I hope she has one as vivid as mine was and still is to this very day.


Before having a daughter, I had always pictured me pushing my child in a swing set with the sun setting and a cool breeze blowing as we talked, laughed and smiled. We have had our swing times together in the past, but this time was different. It lasted more than 30 minutes as she continued to ask for more pushes and I kindly obliged. As I looked around I slowly realized that what was happening was exactly how I pictured it some 10 odd years ago. It was a calm and peaceful moment that I wanted to last forever as I stood there to take it all in with probably a silly smile on my face. There is no price you can put on these moments in time, but they are certainly worth more than any mint could possibly print in a lifetime.


When it was over we packed up and headed home. I adjusted my riewview mirror to look back at you several times as you smiled back at me from your car seat. For this was just one of millions of memories that you will most likely forget, but will play over and over in my mind for many years to come.