Time in a place



There exists a time in a place that you dance, spin and laugh. You run and play while I follow closely behind. I ask you questions I know the answer to just to hear your soft voice reply “yes”. You grab Dylan’s tail and giggle and say Daddy until I give you my undivided attention. I hold your hand as you climb the slide and yell “WEEEEE” all the way down as you look to see what’s next.


You frolic in the grass with not a care across your mind and you gather me up a hand full of dirt. We pretend to watch t.v. in your imaginary houses as we stay motionless until one of us moves. Buckled in your car seat smothering Goldfish in your face, you little arm is engulfed in the shiny white bag. No clothes, no dress, no cute little shorts… Princess nightgown is selection of choice regardless of time.


As night time draws near I can feel the anxiety of sleep. Which books are on request tonight as I put you to bed. I will read to you forever even if it’s Goodnight Moon for the 5 thousandth time. Your eyelids become heavy with each passing word, soon your asleep with your blanket in tow.


This time in a place exists in my mind daily until you are near. These thoughts pacify my mind as one day closer you are to being in my arms again.

A New Beginning

An unexpected move has produced a new place to which a new bedroom AND an extra playroom await you. Although my last place was comfortable and served it’s purpose, I found it hard at times to get down on the floor and play with you since we had laminate flooring. Carpet is much more forgiving and will allow for a comfortable playtime for both of us.
I look forward to the new beginning in a larger place for you to roam around in and make new memories with. I also like being right across the hall from you while you sleep as I am guilty for checking in on you at different times throughout the night just to hear you breathe and cover you back up as you sleep. Even in sleep you manage to invoke drama in your sprawled out sleeping positions.
I hope this new place fills your mind with enjoyable memories as we embark down a new road together through another chapter in our lives.