Angel Wings



My dad (your grandfather) has often said the feathers of your angel wings are starting to fall off. Of course I laughed it off until this past weekend to which I witnessed one of your angel wings fall off in a tantrum over what you wanted to wear.




You have become VERY partial to pretty dresses as you should, since you are a little girl. However, if it’s not the EXACT dress you want you can become a little tyrant trying to pitch a fit and then quickly looking for a reaction from me. If I ignore this reaction, you will try several more times until I finally say something or ask if you would like to go to time out. Of course you don’t want any part of timeout so you will often sit with your arms crossed or roll around the floor. This is probably where I am having the hardest time disciplining you because I don’t see you as often as I would like to, and when I do I don’t want to have to come down on you but I know in the end it will be what is best for you. Parenting is a difficult task I could have never been prepared for, but it is a learning experience I couldn’t live without.


You love flash cards, but you ONLY want to do them if you are the teacher. You will ask me “What is this Daddy” and I of course respond with what is showing on the flash card, and quickly repeat it and then put it in a pile to which you then reshuffle and align the cards each and every time. You also like to color, draw, or paint in the same spot as someone else like you had created what was being drawn and you look up with the cutest grin like “look what I did!”


Your fascination with TV shows has me singing them when you are not here like “Wow Wow Wubzy” theme song and Wonder Pets. You also have this adoration of The Incredible’s and Cars both of which are computer generated cartoons. When you are not watching, learning, drawing, or fussing. You are the quiet blissful little angel I have always wanted from a little girl.

The Beach



I can’t even fathom what it would like to just wake up and be taken anywhere without really knowing the destination, which is the case most everyday for you. It’s like you are on automatic pilot as you are swept away to tropical destinations, grocery stores, playgrounds and the dreaded daycare. Galveston is not exactly tropical, but it’s the closest thing we have to it, but we made the best of it anyways.




Words alone cannot describe the taste of Galveston beach water as it infiltrates your senses as you take your first few steps into it’s murky abyss. Your first reactions were to run up to the shoes just before the waters and retreat before the next wave washed ashore. You did this at least 6-8 times before I hoisted you up on my shoulders as we braved the 3 inch waves and headed out to sea. It wasn’t long before you were ready to head back and begin our general contractor and builder partnership of our sand castle. As I slaved away at trenching the sand and laying the foundation, you were not far behind with hands on hips directing where the next wall should go.




We caught the eye of another little girl who seemed to be interested in our sand building expertise asking what we did to make certain elements. You weer quick to point out “that’s my daddy” and quickly entered your new palace. With a shovel as your scepter, you ruled as princess Liana on the Galveston coast.