The term I grew to love is now almost something I don’t even remember anymore. I remember playing from sun up to sun down and not knowing what my true goal was other than to occupy my mind with my imagination. As a father now, watching Lia grow up and play I begin to remember how goals were something you scored in soccer and absolutely nothing was a waste of time in a kids mind.


Patience is something that I have struggled with since I was a teenager. When I was a kid I could literally spend 45 minutes in this blazing heat changing a flat tire on my bike without getting upset. Mainly because all I had was time, and not in a rush to be bored. I haven’t been bored in a long time, and when I have some free time I am often thinking of new ventures instead of relaxing. Although most people think I am a workaholic, I feel my imagination provides me a release most people get from a vacation so needless to say I enjoy what I do for a living.


I often hear parents joke about the energy kids have and bottling it up and selling it. It’s true, kids expend a ton of energy, but how else are they suppose to release pure unadulterated unfocused energy? Playing should be a vitamin taken in high dosages as a kid. I know I played until my legs fell off, slept, woke up and ate cereal and off I went again. It was almost like the directions to a shampoo only mine was Play, Rinse, Eat and Repeat.


Seeing Lia play is something I enjoy very much because I often times try and think of what she is thinking. Although she is a brilliant child, her thoughts are once like mine were simple, imaginative, and immortal. Every minute spent with Lia is an experience that out does the previous because of her learning and expanding vocabulary. Her love for babies is ever growing. If she could, she would have each baby a toy maker makes and still not satisfy her need for taking care of a baby.


She has also named each and everyone of her babies to date. Astonishing you may think… not really considering all of their names are “Baby”. I will ask her each time she gets a new baby what the babies name is and she will always answer innocently “Baby”. Baby is very much apart of Lia’s life regardless of which one it is. She always has one to feed, put to sleep and stuff in her varied toy transportation devices. They may be getting run over hanging half out of her toy car, but they are with her none the less.