Precious Moments



Any time spent with a loved one is considered a precious moment. However, on rare occasions you are able to capture them on film. The picture above is one of these rare moments, not staged or set-up, just in my office while listening to her music and playing with her wooden baby stroller. What makes this picture special to me is her day dream stare as I am guilty of these at least 3-4 times a day, usually in thinking of her.


We both will never know what is racing through your mind at this moment, but I can tell you what flashed through my mind after seeing this picture on my screen. Thinking back through my life through all of the highlights, experiences, and emotions… it seems they all pale in comparison to seeing a little version of me growing up right before my very eyes. Now, I know that sounds silly because the journey of life is worth living and enjoying before children, but there comes a time when you look back and they all seem like minor accomplishments when compared to becoming a parent.


If you were to hand me this picture 10 years ago and told me THIS will be your future daughter, I think I would have probably stared at it for at least 2 days before I could even comprehend the magnitude of emotion I would have felt. My next thought would be to analyze what events needed to happen to make this a reality. I think my life would have been turned upside down, and decisions would have been made that ultimately would have cost me not having Lia, which is why we can never know our own fate, future, or destiny. Not that we have a choice in the matter, but it makes perfect sense to me now than ever before.


I have been more of an analogy nut these days, and one that comes to mind is our own solar system when it comes to describing my love for Lia. Lia is of course the sun, with each of the nine planets a ball of emotion. Love, fear, hope, patience, joy, anticipation, sadness, wonder, and courage in a harmonious orbit around her. I guess it goes without saying that my life in fact does revolve around Lia.