“No!, I feed Dylan”

“No!, I feed Dylan.” These are the 4 words Lia yells with authority as I make mention that I am about to feed our behemoth of a dog. For whatever reason, Lia has taken feeding Dylan time as her new responsibility and lets you know that is her job when she is available. I even joked that I could get into the car, drive to the corner store, get inside a phone booth (if they were still around) and whisper “I am going to feed Dylan” and before I even finished the sentence, Lia would already be knocking on the outside glass yelling that SHE will be doing the honors tonight, thank you very much.

I feel she is at the age of wanting to prove to me that she is capable of a lot of things and I couldn’t be happier. Of course it doesn’t work when I say “I’m going to bed”, because she is much to smart for that. We are however in the middle of the potty training sessions which she has reverted back to bad habits, but still has a few good days when she wants to. Her latest fascination with getting to flush it seems to be the highlight of going to the bathroom, and seems to play that wild card of needing to go right before I am about to walk out of her bedroom of putting her to sleep. She is a sneaky one and is like a football coach of working the clock to the last possible second of last minute things she needs to do before she goes to bed.

Today while fixing Lia’s hair she was so involved with watching Sponge Bob Square Pants I decided to try and distract her a little. She completely understands the concept of taking pictures with a phone and seeing immediate results. When I finished her hair I said “ok, there you go, now you look like Sponge Bob” She immediately turned around with a puzzled look on her face as I searched Google Images for a picture of Sponge Bob. when I found one I told her I was going to take her picture and when I made the “click” noise she immediately wanted to see the picture of herself. Of course the image on my phone displayed Sponge Bob in some crazy pose as she exclaimed “I don’t wanna look like Sponge Bob!” Which of course my father and I exploded into laughter. I said “ok, let me fix it” and then took another picture and showed her a different picture of Sponge Bob as she started to look at her hands as if to try and piece it together on how fixing her hair could turn her into one of her favorite cartoons.. I had to then let her off the hook and fix her hair and assure her that she was back to normal mainly because I didn’t want Lia in therapy anytime soon, or never for that matter. Oh Lia, so much fun planned…so little time.

Ring in the New Year

I couldn’t have planned a better way to ring in the new year than spending a solid week with you. It was a week of learning, laughter and fun. Since this was officially your Christmas time with me. With a tree full of presents underneath patiently awaiting your arrival, you wasted no time in fulfilling their desire to be ripped open. We would ask you which one you wanted to open and you would tip toe around the tree as if you were on safari hunting down a lion and point to the largest package and say “that one daddy!” When I would pull each present out as you carefully picked I would ask you to shake it and try and guess what was in each. Of course each response was “Baby”.

Papa was their to enjoy the moment as well and you didn’t disappoint. On one particular present you must have flipped it over 4-5 times looking for the seam to get your little hands into. It was highly entertaining and cute as we asked you random questions pertaining to Christmas to see how you would process the question while your attention was squarely focused on finding the seem. While opening each present you would see what was pictured on the outside of the box and still guess a Baby was in each one. I thought to myself, what exactly would you have done with 9 babies if I had actually gotten them for you. As it stands you have 4 scattered throughout the house either sleeping, sitting in a stroller or outside in one of your toy cars waiting for you. I did however get you a small princess bed for one of your babies, but you immediately turned it into a sleep over party stacking baby upon baby and covering them up. At times you would tell me to “ssssssshhhhhh, Baby is sleeping or crying” which of course was adorable.

One of your 2 biggest presents was an inflatable giant jumpy, complete with exhausting 20 minute pumping up action. Once aired-up, you ran over to it and jumped for a total of 45 seconds and wanted to get out. Over the course of the week you made sure to get full use out of it, and each time made me smile because you would build up so much static electricity your hair was standing on end but you had no idea.

This week also brought a few first times for you including ice skating and the bungee trampoline. The ice skating was a painful experience for me because I realized it’s hard to skate around the rink bent over and supporting your weight as my calf’s scorched during each stride. It was worth every second though as your little fingers held my hands for support as you gazed and glided on the cold wet ice. It’s times like these when everything slows down for a few seconds and you are truly able to take in a moment that you will never forget. With 2 full laps around the ice and even sometime spent in the middle, I could tell you were ready to get off what you had called the “slippery” stuff.

Just across from the ice skating rink, 2 full size trampolines with attached poles for bungee space jumps. Of course I was a little hesitant because I didn;t know if it would be too scary for you, but you could hardly wait in line as you watched each kid before you shoot up a good 2o feet into the air. When it was finally your turn and you were getting strapped in I could see your legs start to bounce like you were saying “alright, turn this thing on!” Of course your legs were not long enough to bounce you as high as you wanted to go, but with a little assistance from the bungee operator you were overlooking the skating rink and half of the mall. Each trip up you would focus on something else you hadn’t seen. So I think I understand it now, sitting on chubby bearded guys in red suits bad, launching 20 feet into the air good. It makes perfect sense considering my logic is astray at times, good to see I passed that on as well as your good looks.

Two things really stood out to me during this Christmas/new Years break together. The first of which was I into the kitchen and noticed your plush Mickey was sitting up against the wall near the refrigerator like you had accidentally left him there. When I asked you why Mickey was there you had told me that he was in Timeout. Of course my immediate response was to laugh, but I held it in just long enough to find out why, which was of course he according to you, woke up the babies that were sleeping. It made perfect sense to me because when you would sleep, I would have gladly put anyone and anything in timeout for waking you up.

The second was a New Years photo shoot outside in one the large yards near the house. It wasn’t planned by any means, but the pictures, your outfit and the turnout ranks up there with my most favorite pictures of you to date.

Here’s to many more New Years between us and thank you Lia, for making my life complete. I love you more than you will ever know.