Are you happy?

That is the question Lia has been asking me as of late. She asks at random times and about 2 times a day which makes me think she is generally interested in my response. Of course I could be reading to much into it, but I really don’t think so because she literally stops what she is doing and looks into my eyes awaiting my response. “Yes” I responded each time telling her why she makes me so happy to be around her. I then ask if she is happy and she gleefully responds that she is and then continues on her way. Now, since I am on the topic of questions I have to share this cute story from a few weekends ago. I was on the way to the grocery store with her and we were having fun singing along to her music and then I turned around to ask her “Do you know how much Daddy loves you?”. Her response was “2 Minutes”. Or at least that’s what I thought I heard, or it could have simply been just “too many” as in her way of saying “too much”. I prefer to think it was two minutes, well because I love a good laugh and even when I ask her to this day it still sounds like “2 minutes”. I gave a good laugh then, and it still garners a good laugh now.

Being a single noncustodial parent can be difficult at times knowing that you are not able to see your daughter everyday and see her grow up and learn new things daily. When asked by someone, it occurred to me that during the explanation it was a lot like getting a new software update each time I saw her. Sort of like this week I am getting Lia version 3.3 with new features like “Are you happy Daddy” questions, better potty control and best of all “I want that Daddy”. The “I want that daddy” is a new feature that has truly taken me by storm in the sense that all toy commercial marketing is REALLY working on kids. Lia wants one of everything she sees, which I’m sure as every kid her age, but man it’s like watching a hypnotized person and as soon as the advertisement ends, it’s like the hypnotist snaps his or her fingers, and she is back to Lia again.

To make it fair, I think it would be funny have her sitting with me on a couch and watching a commercial that shows a little girl eating when her daddy tells her to and then I can say to her ” I want that Lia.”