Peter Cottontail is a No-Go.

You will not see Lia within 30 feet of a Santa, and you can now add a person dressed up in a Bunny outfit to that list. She has had over 3 chances to see the Easter Bunny this year and all of them were unsuccessful missions. Of course if you ask her if she wants to see Santa and the Easter Bunny, she is all over it. But come showtime, you will have a better chance of seeing Oprah in the Victoria’s Secret Fall catalog. Easter was a total success this year with Lia as it was filled with egg dying, candy, egg hunts and of course photo shoots in her pretty dress.

One thing about Lia is that she loves pretty dresses. I would say almost as much as flip flops and stepping on frogs (not literally, but figuratively) She did quite well this year with her loot of toys, books, videos and of course candy. Although her requests for candy at breakfast go ignored, she has been pretty good about not asking too much. After explanations of why, she is generally ok as long as she knows that the day will bring a candy or two her way.

The other day while tracing each others hands with crayons, she decided that she wanted to trace my foot. Well I obliged her by taking off my socks so she could do so, but when she started she requested that I spread my toes. I tried to explain to her that I couldn’t and that we do not have the same muscles in our toes that we do our hands to spread them out. She said ok, but can you spread your toes so she can finish drawing my feet? I’m glad she understands that not all excuses are excusable… of course I knew this about her because she surely knows how to challenge authority at times.