Lasterday [Las-tur-day] n. 1. A date in time that my daughter Lia uses to describe something that happened a short while ago.

ex. These photos of Lia were taken lasterday.

Yo Thanks, Yo Gabba

Yo Gabba Gabba, thank you for providing my daughter with countless hours of education, and entertainment. You have all the ingredients for a highly successful children’s show. Colorful, energetic and lovable characters, fantasy based sets, and theme based episodes. You also provide a key ingredient to any successful show, and that is a hypnotic tune by the name of “hide and seek” that crawls inside your ear, burrows deep inside your short term memory and sets up shop. Of course this has happened before with a few other of Lia’s music, but none have been so penetrating as this song. I have found myself singing it in traffic, in the shower and of course before I go to bed. It takes a full 3 days before it slowly dissipates completely from the cranium.

On the subject of music, Lia has also been listening to one of my favorites “15 Bible songs for kids” which she thoroughly enjoys. She has enjoyed it so much that one particular time in the car when the cd ended and the next cd was loaded automatically via cd changer (which wasn’t Lia’s music) she cried “what happened to my Baby Jesus music”. It’s times like those that truly unforgettable and make being a father more enjoyable that it already is.

So Lia, thank you for bringing countless smiles to my face and hypnotic techno ear worms to my world. I love you.