Can you do me a favor Daddy?

This question can be heard as a “stay longer” tactic deployed by my very genius daughter as I tuck her in bed for the night.  It is usually followed by, I need to got potty (for the 3rd time), I’m hungry, and the ever loving “I need to go take my medicine”.  What child on Earth WANTS to take medicine, much less remind their parent that it is fact time for that.  What used to be a 10 minute ritual has now turned into a 30 minute bed time ordeal.  Now, I’m not saying that I’m letting her railroad over me, but it’s hard sometimes to leave because she is sooo cute when trying to apply these sly tactics. It’s even harder to keep a straight face while she scrambles to keep the last person in her audience of one captivated before Act II Scene 1 begins.

She is witty, crafty, and manipulative…all which are traits I have bestowed upon her, but now I must teach her to use these powers for good as I have these 36 years.  Although I have shed my cape and efforts against the evil doers of the world,  I have put on a new cape and taken on the role of Captain Fatherhood.  This role involves supervision, authority, delegation and compromise.  The ability to take time out of the day to enjoy something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed if Lia wouldn’t have pointed it out.  For instance the plane passing overhead, the bug in the flower garden, or quite simply how beautiful the world is when you have time to slow down and look through her eyes as she sees it.  As a matter of fact, where was I when the world switched to the complicated, busy and sometimes ugly world my daughter has yet to see?  I guess it doesn’t matter, because I traded my childhood badge for a shiny fatherhood badge to not only serve and protect my daughter at all costs, but to bring a smile to her face when she looks back over her childhood. Unfortunately, the pictures of us together loving, laughing and enjoying each other will only capture a microsecond of the special bond we shared, but the memories will last forever; and that is good enough for me.