Liapalooza 2010 II

In the 2nd and final half of Liapalooza 2010, I’m happy to report that it was not only a strong bonding and learning experience, but something I will look forward to every summer from here on out. There may not have been over 35 bands playing at Liapalooza, but that doesn’t mean the decibel level didn’t reach that of a concert during one of her tantrums.

Although her fascination for taking care of her vast collection of babies is still active, she has now found a new interest in tutu’s, princess shoes and looking pretty.  Now, I know she’s only 3.5 but it’s only natural for a father to be guarded in the fact that in the future with looking pretty garners attention and with attention come the boys.  Deep breath, and exhale… I still have hopefully 10 or so years before I have to flex my daddy muscles to let these “so-called” boys know that she is my little girl and always will be.  But I digress as we have a while before those days begin.

Much is how many of any one thing Lia wants plenty of regarding food, snacks and even toys.  For example, if I am about to give her Cheeto’s, she reminds me that she wants “much of them”.  Even though I have corrected her on many occasions and she has picked up on it, I still like to use it when she is not around when I want many of something…as it brings a huge smile to my face.  So, if that’s me in the car next to you talking to himself and laughing or smiling, know that I am perfectly sane and happy as I reflect on how precious my daughter is.

So in closing the chapter on Liapalooza 2010, we leaned “much” things about each other and as our time together increases and we grow stronger together, I look forward to all of life’s obstacles, moments, and experiences we will share together.