Pirates Bay Matey’s

A few weekends ago we loaded up the boat and sailed to Baytown’s own Pirate’s Bay water theme park.  Upon arrival you were practically out of the car before we got a chance to park as you could see the sky high water slides and the hundreds of kids not named Lia having the time of their lives.  Rest assured you soon got your chance to experience exactly none of those sky high slides because they wouldn’t allow you to sit in my lap and go down them.  However, you made up for it by enjoying the 2 foot water fountains that shoot of out the ground that can be found at any major mall, yet these were much better because they were not free like the other ones.  After a few revolutions around the lazy river, you finally found enough courage to go actually play on the pirate ship that every 45 seconds dropped about 50 gallons of water on unsuspecting kids.  They had a smaller version of the big kid pirate ship that you quickly took a liking to the water gun as you hosed people as they walked by.  As the day progressed your courage to try new things were ever increasing, and despite your stature and limitations on certain big kid rides, you made the most of it.

When it comes to photos you are either rocking the inner ham that is inside of you with tongue hanging out and vogue poses, or you are the paparazzi shy “get that camera out of my face”.  It’s actually funny and frustrating at the same time as I have missed some really great video ops because your camera radar is always on and very sensitive to any camera or camera phones being raised.  One thing is for sure, you will never have to worry about seeing any pictures of video of yourself growing up because your life has been well documented since your arrival.