You read, I will listen and record.

The video above demonstrates Lia’s lack of patience of being video taped while she is trying to read you something or any other time for that matter.  I laugh every time I see this clip because her expression and how her shoulders drop in disappointment with her body language all without saying anything.  Although she is not able to read just yet, her imagination won’t prevent her from telling her own story to the book at hand.  It’s amazing to see how absorbent she is to the world around her and remembering of key details to something you thought was less than minor.  She is growing fast and I am enjoying every minute of it.

The other day it was another beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky as we played together in the front yard.  I looked up into the sky, pointed and asked Lia “where are the clouds?  Without the slightest flinch she looked up and said “They are behind the sun Daddy.”  As an adult and father, it’s easy to treasure these cute things that are said because they are in fact priceless.  In a way it’s funny to think of what she said, but what I enjoyed most was how she said it, like duh daddy… where do you think they are…everyone knows the clouds go behind the sun.  Another cute thing she said recently was while at Wal-Mart looking at Halloween decorations she pointed to a scarecrow lawn decoration and said “look, it’s a SNAREcrow!”  I held back my laugh and asked her again just so I could hear it one more time.  I normally correct her when she mispronounces words, but felt it was ok to want to hear her say SNAREcrow just a few more times this Halloween season.