My little Lia

After a day of errands at a few stores I could tell Lia was ready to go home so on our last stop I told her what we were going to get and then we were going to head home and party. She turned and looked at me and said that she didn’t want to party, she wanted a celebration. I had now idea that word was even in her vocabulary not to mention using it in the right context. Either way it was well received by us. This is not the only time she has surprised us with “bigger” words, and most likely not the last time as they are priceless.

Everyone’s childhood favorite board game Candy Land was the latest addition to her collection and we enjoyed several games with her. I never knew I could enjoy watching someone cheat as much as Lia did every time I turned my head she would be 20 to 30 paces ahead of where she last was. What made it interesting was when she would draw a ice cream symbol, regardless of the fact that she has already passed that symbol, she would argue that it didn’t matter that she in fact got an ice cream card out of it, which to her is better than winning. In the end, she magically won every game we played, which is always OK in my book. 😉

Little did I know about paper fan making before this past weekend. Lia is the foremost authority in that very subject, as there were about 7 fans strewn across the house at any given moment available in every shade of color one would desire when hot.
Lia likes playing classroom and being the teacher and we are her students. It’s fun to catch a glimpse of what goes on in her teachings as she is very thorough in her best performance as her teacher and giving directions, detailing activities, and reading to us a story that literally makes no sense to us, but perfect sense to her as she makes it up as she goes along. I just can’t wait for one of these books to be made into a movie.

A neighbor of ours recently gave me a brief glimpse into my future by setting up a lemonade stand for his daughter and supervising the event. It was fun seeing what I have to look forward to in my daughters ventures into capitalism, or in her eyes, what toy can she buy with the money she made. Either way, it’s something I truly look forward to helping her with as she will have the most elaborate and fancy set-up in the history of lemonade stands go, because image is everything and if the lemonade tastes half as good as her set-up, she is due for some big profits. This thought also spawned ideas of her history and science fairs in the coming years, and how hard it will be for me NOT to do the best displays ever, but will act as a consultant offering ideas and helping out here and there. Of course if she is anything like me, she will tell me that it’s due tomorrow instead of giving us weeks to plan it. A special thanks goes out to my mom and dad for saving my skin a few times, as I’m sure my days are coming…

On another note, Lia was literally obsessed with the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate for some odd reason and requested to watch it a few times this weekend, but we had to remind her that we didn’t have it recorded, and it was only on Friday. Of course the E Channel provided an encore presentation of the event, to which she dubbed “the parade” but soon called it a wedding once they got out of the car and the wedding started. I am not sure why she was so enthralled by the wedding, but it was cute to see her so tuned into the event like someone who was following the event religiously. With mine and Cassondra’s wedding day quickly approaching, Lia is getting excited and wanting to be in the wedding as our flower girl and think she will male a beautiful one at that. We look forward to having her in our wedding as much as she is excited about being in it. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.