Lianica Patrick

A few weeks ago after dinner one night, we passed a go-cart place on the way home. I had to process the idea of Lia riding in the go-cart with me and how safe it was and if they even allowed it. So I did a u-turn to get the answers to these unsolved questions. When I walked in while Cassondra, my father and Lia sat in the car anticipating a “yeah, she’s too young” answer, I found standing behind the counter 2 of the most hillbilly people and thought to myself these guys mothers probably gave birth to them while driving a go-cart. Sure enough, Lia was a go as long as she rode with me. Of course I had to stop from laughing when they told me that like her driving alone was even an option.

Getting back to the car with the good news we all trekked in, got our tickets and prepared ourselves for some good old go-cart racing fun. Of course I was prepared to take Lia back after one lap if she didn’t like it, boy was I mistaken. From the moment we got the green light to go to the time we pulled back in after our time was up Lia was grinning ear to ear as if she was bred for speed, like her father. Not only did she enjoy every twist and turn, but she exclaimed “FASTER” on the straightaway when I already had the pedal mashed to the floor and thought to myself, I’ve created a monster.

We each took turns taking Lia on a ride as my father watched with great joy from the bleachers. He felt that this was something we wanted to witness rather than partake in as he laughed, smiled and waved with Lia waving back each and every time we made a lap past him. Cassondra then had the chance to take her as I rode side by side jockeying for position for the perfect picture of Lia to capture her exuberant thrill on camera. Unfortunately, each picture taken was blurry since we relied on camera phones, but the memory and story lives on as Lia brought up go-carting for the next several days after dinner like it was some kind of after dinner dessert.