Summer of Swim

Summertime was upon us again which meant one solid month long and highly anticipated time with Lia. We tried to pack as much needed rest, relaxation and fun into our time as possible. Of course since both Cassondra and I work during the week, we needed to enroll you into a summer school program that offered summer time fun. We found a local place that had not 1 but 2 indoor swimming pools AND enrolled you in personal swim lessons. You were on cloud nine during those 3 weeks and not only that you learned to actually have fun swimming rather than being afraid to venture off and try new things. Within 1 week you were already jumping off the side of the pool and holding your breath under water.

With swimming being your new found favorite past time, it seemed it was serendipitous to have my mom (Grammy) install a new full size pool and cabana at her house. This translated into a 2 day sleepover with countless hours of swimming, fun, laughter and quality time with your grandparents. To be honest, I was shocked that you let me out of your site for that long. I was almost positive that we would have to come pick you up from there because I know how much you really love your daddy. 🙂 Of course that love is quickly traded in for an all access pool extravaganza at your disposal. Those 2 days meant so much to Grammy, and she will always treasure them in her heart. Unfortunately for her, she always felt that she never really got to spend some real quality time with you, but we are quickly making up for that now and building a strong bond with her and papa Ed. What’s funny is sometimes when they come over to visit or we head out there it’s like those old movie scenes where 2 people are running towards each other in slow motion, only to have you pass up Grammy to take comfort in papa Ed’s arms. Of course you run back over to Grammy to share the love, but must admit it’s fun to watch.

I’ve been meaning to write about some of your most recent sayings down that have made us laugh, smile and thoroughly enjoy because kid really do say the darnedest things.

“I can put my ears behind my back” – referring to being able to tuck her hair behind her ears.

“I don’t know anything about anything” – in regards to papa asking you a question.

“Look, that airplane’s flying a note” – Pointing to an airplane in the sky toting a banner behind it.

“When you were sick daddy did you throw up? – after telling her why I wasn’t able to pick her up because of being ill.

Lia: “Daddy, I want Chick-Fil-A.”
Me: “Ok, but they have Smurf toys at McDonald’s”
Lia: “Daddy, I want Mcdonald’s”

All in all, the summer of Lia 2011 was a huge success and can’t wait until next year’s summer vacation.