“I’m no scribble scrabbler!”

In pre-k being a scribble scrabbler is not something you want to be labeled as according to my findings. Don’t even think of calling Liana a scribble scrabbler, because she will adamantly deny any such allegations. However, she will narc on her fellow school mates naming the guilty scribble scrabblers like they had the bubonic plague. For those who don’t know, a scribble scrabbler is one who can’t color “correctly”, or doesn’t stay inside lines. A scribble scrabbler often grabs a crayon as they would a ski pole and relentlessly scribbles in and out of lines violently as to show disgust in partaking in a such a juvenile activity. Of course this is not their intention, but their finished “masterpiece” will say otherwise. Thank God bumper stickers haven’t appeared yet calling out scribble scrabblers because if those said toddlers could read, they’d be pissed.

Lia has had this Power Wheels Ford Mustang I gotten on sale at Amazon.com about the time she started walking. ( This gives you and idea on just how good of a sale it was). So the mustang sat gathering dust for well over a year and a half until she could actually reach the gas pedal. Fast forward to today I can’t tell you how many miles she has racked up on her fancy car. Often times Lia has her baby, Barbie, teddy bear or other toy snuggly buckled in next to her. What I find particularly interesting is when she pulls up next to the house and drops her baby or toy off at “daycare” (window ledge of front bay window) then gets back into her car and drives around for the next several minutes without stopping. In her mind she seems to think that when we drop her off at school, we get back into our car and drive around for hours until its time to pick her up.

During our move from our last place I seemed to have misplaced the charger to her mustang battery. We normally just ask our neighbor to have it for us since they also have a Power Wheels. This last time she was out in the car zipping around the car started to slow down due to the battery winding down. However, this time Lia asked that since the battery is dying could she get a new car, a pink one. Although she already knew that we recharge the battery and it will run fast again, she was thinking instead of wasting time recharging, we should just get a brand new one for her. Listening to her makes me smile…cautiously, knowing had presented similar arguments/justifications to my parents MANY times in the past.