Party Rock

Two words “party rock”, or as Lia likes to refer to it as “the everyday I’m shuffling” song. She not only loves the song, but is obsessed with the video. I think she has seen it over a dozen times, and probably didn’t even blink the entire time. These are not the typical songs we play for her, but it is a fun song. Of course in my mind I’m already fast forwarding to her teenage years when I have lost contact with the hip songs and asking “what in God’s name are you listening to?”, just as my father did with me.

At times seeing Lia grow can be double edged sword. On one hand it’s really entertaining and fun to see her so excited and dancing around, yet it’s hard to accept that she is growing up and won’t be this age forever. The other day while shopping with Cassondra at DSW shoes, Lia and I decided to wonder off and look around. Before I knew it Lia pis utting on high heels and then grabbing a purse off the hanger and prancing around like a fashion model. This continued on for several minutes as I sat quietly and recorded clips and a few snapshots to capture this precious moment. Thankfully, she still has several more years of being my sweet little angel before having to enforce dress code and curfews. Until then, I have been and will continue to enjoy every minute together.

This has to be the cutest sad little lioness photo ever. We were shopping at Kirkland’s when we came across a stand full of these animal beanies. As cute as she looked in it, she wanted no part in wearing them but was a good sport, put one on for us and allowed us to take one picture. However, she warmed up to it as we all put one on with Cassondra as an Owl, papa as a frog and me as a bear. We probably looked and acted like a lost tribe of Noah’s Ark misfits goofing off, having fun and laughing at our own silliness. Were people watching? Absolutely… Did we care? Not even the slightest. Lia is a very expressive child when she is comfortable in her surroundings, so we encourage her to be herself and interact with us in public as much as possible to help with her shyness. I know most kids are shy at her age and depending on situation it varies, but we truly encourage her to take the first step in introductions and interacting with kids and adults alike. It seems to be working, as her courage and initiative in meeting new people is starting to show, and we couldn’t be happier.