Let’s Make a Deal

I’m not sure when my interest in game shows began but glad to see it’s been passed on to my daughter. I was flipping through the DVR and saw that I had some “Let’s Make a Deal” episodes (guilty pleasure that I watch when I break for lunch) and asked Lia if she would like to watch it. She asked what it was about but told her she will see. It wasn’t too long before Lia was asking to watch the show where people dressed up. Of course this is the updated Wayne Brady version based of the original 70’s show where Monty Hall would run up and down aisles to give unsuspecting contestants prizes or the dreaded zonks. I can’t exactly pinpoint the fascination with game shows growing up, I just know I liked them. I wasn’t a game show junkie by any means, but enjoyed some Price is Right and Card Sharks when I stayed home from school from time to time. What made our first game show time together fun was the fact that Lia really got into the prizes that people won. She would even tell me “look Daddy, that person won a trip to New York”. What does a trip to New York mean to a child, I’m not exactly sure but it could be the fact she, much like I did liked the fact of winning. Hmmm, now that I think about it, could be the beginnings of my competitive nature, which by the way has also been passed down to my little angel.

The mind of a 5 year old works in ways that sometimes can make you question how you process things as an adult. For example, getting dressed. Now in our minds, getting dressed has become so routine and you know that your clothes are going to fit for the most part because as an adult you have quit growing (upward at least), but not so much as a child. For a 5 year old, clothes fit almost for 15 minutes then it’s time for new clothes again. Well, it doesn’t take Lia too long to get ready especially if we are heading somewhere she really wants to go. This particular morning we were on a donut run. Well to say the least nothing comes between Lia and a chocolate or strawberry sprinkled donut. If a pack of wolves were between Lia and one of those donuts, it’s safe to say we might have some new furry rugs when it’s all said and done. So back to the getting dressed part, once Lia knew our upcoming destination, she bolted into her room to throw on ANYTHING she could walk out the door in. I knew she was running low on clean clothes that particular day since we had yet to do her laundry, but didn’t think she would throw on some 2t pants with high waters Steve Urkel would have been jealous of. She waltzes in the room saying she is ready to go and I just had to turn around and laugh and tell her “Lia, where did you get those pants they don’t fit you anymore, they are too short”. Her response was and instant classic, “It’s ok Daddy, I’ll just wear longer socks.” What makes it funny to me is her utilitarian response as if to say, problem solved Daddy, let’s go.