Learn to Parent

With my parental senses coming to full blossom with a year now under my wings, I have noticed that I am much more “daddy” aware of things around me. For instance, when I am out to dinner without Lia, I notice kids running around tables, crying, and even sleeping in the booths next to me. As much as I hate to admit it, I think I actually might be growing up. I think it totally hit me when I caught myself looking for the brand name of a stroller instead of the hot woman that was pushing it.

On my way to Downtown the other day, the above billboard above caught my eye. My first reaction was a mixture of “wow, that’s sad” followed by an eruption of laughter. Don’t get me wrong, I am totally against any type of child abuse, but I can promise you that no matter how mad Lia will make me in the future, red and blue flames will never shoot out of my mouth towards her. However, I would have to say I would be pretty upset if I had an over-sized head with a bad toupee and hands that look like little boxing gloves. But hey, that’s not his child’s fault.


  1. Don’t worry, you’re still a pig and will get back to eyeballing women. That billboard is so obnoxious.

  2. That’s definitely one of the most obnoxious billboards I’ve seen, but I guess it’s actually getting a message across to some people.

  3. You are the best father ever, I am so proud of you. My granddaughter is sooooooooooo beautiful and has a great personality. Ummm, wonder where she gets it from?
    Mom and grandmama

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