Lions, Tigers, and Komodo’s…Oh, My!

A nice cool breeze with dim overcast skies
restless tigers, tired path, and awfully quiet sighs

My blue eyed angel looks from afar with so much delight
monkeys, birds, and giraffes are among the many lucid sights.

Tigers we see, as thoughts race among her constant growing mind,
As they stare back wondering which one of us tastes better with wine.

Peering at the orange monkey’s as they lean over hunched,
As we step back in fear that they might throw their once eaten lunch.

Snapping pictures of her first experience and wondrous expressions
sharing and spending this time with her is always a blessing.

Elephants slowly jaunting in their ritualistic gait,
Weighing 2.5 tons, Lia will want one… at any rate.

Indonesian dragons like the intensely feared Komodo
Lia plops down and thinks “Please hurry with this darn photo!”

“Lia, you’re fine..don’t lean, or move, and please just stay put!”
“Easy to say Daddy, when you’re not the one next to his big scaly foot!”

“I swear daddy, how many pictures must you honestly take?”
“you are worse than a tourist enjoying their spring break”

“I do this for you and to capture the many memories we will share”
“For this time is precious; for you have my heart, my love and all of my cares”

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  1. She just could not be any cuter!

    God love her

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