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Lia Jordan Modeling

It’s been said many times that Lia is a Gerber baby and that she should be modeling. As her father and her #1 fan, I am cautious of modeling and exposure to that industry. I know that even if she only does it from now until 2 or 3 that she will most likely not remember much or any of it. I just know how one thing can lead to another and my main concern that I want her to be as pretty on the inside as she is on the outside and enjoy her childhood.

On the flip side this could open up a world of opportunity for her and any money earned would go towards her college tuition. As a protective father you only want what’s best for your daughter and try to guide them away from things that may have an impact on their lives that may change who they are in your mind. Thinking back to my childhood, I wasn’t blessed with good looks, unless MAD Magazine needed a real life Alfred E. Newman model because I was a spitting image at age 8. Where Lia got her good looks is beyond me, but will still be cautious as to which places I submit photos to and selective in the path I take since I am only looking out for her best interest.

This past weekend was a good friend of mines son’s 3rd B-day party. Ethan’s parents are really good friends of mine and have been for quite some time. They are like family to me and the type of people I would like Lia to continue to grow up around. The party was out in the country complete with hayride and yodeling music. Yes, you read right, Yodeling. Had it not been my responsibility to hold Lia I would have constructed a sword out of hay to fall onto. The ride was great and it was good to breathe in some fresh air for a change. The bumps and sway of the tractor sled must have been melodic because Lia was upright for all of 10 minutes with the latter 30 minutes asleep in my arms. This was the perfect opportunity to actually see what her sunglasses looked like on her face since it must be a sin to actually wear them over her eyes in her little world. Ahhhhhh, To be a kid again. Think about it.. how much would you pay to fall asleep in someones arms during a hayride on a perfect sunny and cool day? Ignorance WAS bliss, I don’t remember signing up for this.. besides I strictly remember singing along with my t.v. that “I don’t want to grow up, I’m a Toys R’ Us Kid”.

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  1. The Gray Ghost Gramps

    As an old Timer and the way that that little angel handles the sun glasses now, I think she knows and she is just letting you know that daddy,”I just Ain’t Ready For HOLLYWOOD just yet”

  2. My daughter started modeling at four months old. She’s now six years old and she’s this wonderfully outgoing little person. She loves auditions, loves when she books the jobs. Not to mention, her college fund has grown exponentially. I think as parents, we’re like the climate controllers, life on the set is life on the set. It’s up to us to make sure that the other aspects of their lives are balanced. For every Lilo, Brit Brit, etc, there are many more kids who managed to do exceptionally well in spite of life in the limelight. If your daughter has the personality for modeling, I say go for it, you never where it may lead!

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