To swing, or not to swing…

Lia park

At 14 months Lia is growing fast and things are starting to change about her almost daily. There are things that she doesn’t like now that she loved when she was younger. Yesterday was a beautiful day outside and we decided it would be a great day for another photo shoot and enjoy the weather at a local park.

Usually where there are parks there are most likely playgrounds. Where there are playgrounds you will most likely find swings. When you find swings, you will most likely find Lia. Well, not so fast….when I tried to put Lia in the baby swing I was suddenly holding a pink banshee. The sound reminded me of the shrill a lobster makes when going into a pot of boiling water. What happened? She used to love the swing. Is there a swing in her closet that comes out at night to scare her? Where did it all go wrong? Am I a bad parent? Fortunately for me, another father with his 2 kids was there to calm my fears. He smiled and said his youngest also went through a period of not liking the swing.

Well, correct me if I am wrong but as a kid growing up, if I didn’t like something let’s say like Hominy (the forgotten vegetable – and for good reason) well BY GOD I would never like it, which is still the case to this day. Apparently, kids go through likes and dislike stages which has been an educational experience for me. I think at this age kids are a little more vocal about what they don’t like because when I do something that she likes, I of course get a smile and then a look like “well duh, couldn’t you tell that this is what I wanted to begin with?” Wow, at only 14 months she is already showing signs of womanhood and the disdain for the lack of mind reading capabilities that men apparently should come equipped with.

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  1. She is so adorable and no way do I believe she could be a pink banshee! haha Perhaps she just didn’t feel like swinging that day. Don’t worry about it too much. Kids will be kids. It looks like you’re doing a great job even though you can’t read her mind!!!

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