What dreams may come

Frozen face

I see you on a regular basis, you are always on my mind, and our time together is never taken for granted. Strangely, I do not find you among my dreams when I go to bed at night. I would think that as much love as I have for you, that you would have some sort of cameo role in my dreams. I wonder if I am in your dreams at all or if you even dream at all at your age. I would guess that you do, but I will never know for sure.

Seeing you grow each and every day makes me slow down and enjoy our time together. You have recently picked up this eye and mouth squint that was very hard to capture on film since I could never get you to do it on command. I was lucky enough to snap it off while at my computer desk the other night. Good thing my mother was not around to to let you know that “your face will freeze like that” if you kept on doing it.

Well never fear Lia, all the little things your grandparents or parents for that matter tell you, just smile and tuck them away for future use as I have done. It’s such a pleasure to call my parents at 3:00 in the morning to let them know every light in my house is on, and I am standing in front of the refrigerator with the door wide open for minutes at a time. Oh, and dad… to answer your question, I wasn’t born in a barn and if I want to air condition the “whole GD neighborhood” that is my own business.

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  1. I LOVE THAT PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

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