My Princess

Lia with Ball

Lia, there are times when I look into your eyes and I see the world ahead of you. I wish so bad that the world would stay as innocent and pure as you see it now. Unfortunately, all I can do is shield you from the bad as much as I can. Over the past 10 years I had often heard the phrase “Who wants to bring a kid into this world?” I was never one to question that because I believed the lord blesses each family with a child regardless of what’s going on in the world. It is then up to the parents to raise them to the best of their abilities in a loving environment.

I will admit that I was afraid of having you because I was still a child myself up until the day you were born. I may still be a kid at heart and we have a lot of growing up to do together as I watch you transform into a young woman. I look forward to embarrassing you by trying to do the popular dance that everyone your age will be doing which should be a sight to see because I can’t even do the dances that are popular today. Of course you will probably roll your eyes and just say “that’s my goofy father” to your friends, but I’m sure you will still love me just the same.

I’m looking forward to a lifetime of memories we will create together and since we are both capricorns I am sure we will have a lot in common and share similar interests. I’m excited about you hopefully wanting to learn the piano as it is one of my favorite instruments to listen to. As each month passes we grow together and even though you can’t speak we are on the same page in our minds. I’m so proud to call you my daughter and I love you with all of my heart and soul. Sleep fast my precious, as I will see you soon.


  1. Hey Son you finally showed me that you understand the reason I jumped on your butt when you were small. Now do you see what it was all about? You are doing a fine job with our beautiful Granddaughter.. keep it up!

    Mom and Dad

  2. Such a beautiful daughter you have there! When we have kids already, all we want to do is to protect them from the world we’re in right now. I guess that’s one of the responsibilities of being a parent.

    Looks like you have interest in piano. If you want to learn piano, Piano Wizard. Piano Wizard is a music software that will teach you how to play the piano and read notes as well. Instead of just admiring or listening to someone play the piano, why not be ‘the player’ instead? A few years from now, even Lia would be able to use Piano Wizard! =)

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