Human Moral Compass

Heading into the 18th month of your life, I find myself wondering what you would think of me depending on my actions. It’s not like I am about to pull a ski mask over my face before heading into a bank thought, it’s more of life’s little decisions and actions type of thing. For instance, if I am driving and someone cut’s me off and I start to get upset, I can imagine you talking to me and saying “It’s ok daddy, he’s just in a hurry.. haven’t you ever been in a hurry before?”.

You make me want to always be on my best behavior, because I never want to not be the superhero you are going to grow up thinking I am. I know life throws curve balls and can test your character daily, but you are now here to make me a stronger person and do what is right no matter how challenging it may be. I’m very proud to call you my daughter now, and even 16 years from now when you might tell me about a minor fender bender you were in because you were late to work. I will be there to comfort you and tell you “it’s ok Lia, I too have been in a hurry before.”

You are my human moral compass, and the proverbial “guiding light” in my life. Although you have yet to speak a coherent sentence, your very existence has spoken volumes to me.

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  1. Lia is so precious! I am amazed at who you have become in the last 8 years. I am looking forward to spending more time with Lia and getting to know her.

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