Lia Dinnertime

So much on my mind, where to begin? The idea of having a blog for my daughter is a direct result of family, friends, and co-workers asking how Lia was doing and what new things she was up to. It’s usually considered water cooler talk to my co-workers, but I usually have to give them an abridged version of “what’s new with Lia?” otherwise I would probably follow them back to their desk and proceed to have a scrap booking party in honor of her. What can I say, I guess I am a proud papa although I despise that phrase immensely. It almost sounds like a mid 20’s gangster movie. “Nahhh you see, Mugsy and I are put’n a hit out on proud papa next time we see him, Nahhh”.

It’s actually amazing to my friends that I actually had offspring considering how much I am owed back for the things I got away with as a kid. Anything short of pulling out my hair before I’m 40 will be a huge disappointment to my friends and family. Sure… they all want me to be happy, it’s the stories of pain, strife and grief of raising a child they truly revel in. I keep reminding them that Lia is an angel and she will be home schooled until she is 26 and she will not date anyone until she is 30. It’s when they are on the floor curled up laughing that it hits me like a ton of bricks, I must have spinach in my teeth.


  1. Well…I’m pretty amazed…well down right shocked that Chris was able to produce such an adorable little girl. Although she has MUCH to learn…she’s coming along quite nicely! 🙂

  2. Papa… Great job on the site Lia’s eyes look amazing. She truly is an angel. As for the gray hair you don’t have far to go:)

  3. What a great job you have done in putting this together! It really looks great. That is so special. She is adorable!

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