Devil in disguise

Dylan Couch

Objects in picture are larger than they appear. What can only be described as pie plates next to his head are in fact his paws. Yes, this is the infamous Dylan. I was fortunate enough to capture this still image of him before the shutter snap awoke him from his slumber. Up until this picture was taken, he was sort of like a Bigfoot myth since every photo of him was a blur. He does exist as I have the dog food and horse scale receipts to prove it. Although he is only 5 months old, he is already 69 lbs. and STILL growing. Initial estimates put him at 110-125. Well my friends, we are now talking anywhere between 130-140. I’m really not worried about his size since I wanted a large Rhodesian to begin with. Also, the fact that he is very good with Lia and walks gingerly around her is great and was my biggest concern.

You see, Dylan is a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Part lion hunter, part counter surfer and part couch potato. He is as sly as a hippo, and until recently, just edged out my pet rock on intelligence. With catatonic like reflexes, he lets treats bounce of his head when thrown to him. I must say he is wising up quickly though, and has recently learned the art of distraction. For instance, he knows if he goes and grabs a shoe out of my closet, I will grab the shoe away from him, say “No!” and return it back to my closet. Now the other day, same scenario happened except I was eating some cereal and as I returned Dylan had a milk mustache and then had the audacity to lay down before I got back and acted like nothing ever happened. You see, he is getting smart..but not smart enough to realize that lapping tongues, and spoons edging around the bowl make sound, and sound travels.

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