“No!, I feed Dylan”

“No!, I feed Dylan.” These are the 4 words Lia yells with authority as I make mention that I am about to feed our behemoth of a dog. For whatever reason, Lia has taken feeding Dylan time as her new responsibility and lets you know that is her job when she is available. I even joked that I could get into the car, drive to the corner store, get inside a phone booth (if they were still around) and whisper “I am going to feed Dylan” and before I even finished the sentence, Lia would already be knocking on the outside glass yelling that SHE will be doing the honors tonight, thank you very much.

I feel she is at the age of wanting to prove to me that she is capable of a lot of things and I couldn’t be happier. Of course it doesn’t work when I say “I’m going to bed”, because she is much to smart for that. We are however in the middle of the potty training sessions which she has reverted back to bad habits, but still has a few good days when she wants to. Her latest fascination with getting to flush it seems to be the highlight of going to the bathroom, and seems to play that wild card of needing to go right before I am about to walk out of her bedroom of putting her to sleep. She is a sneaky one and is like a football coach of working the clock to the last possible second of last minute things she needs to do before she goes to bed.

Today while fixing Lia’s hair she was so involved with watching Sponge Bob Square Pants I decided to try and distract her a little. She completely understands the concept of taking pictures with a phone and seeing immediate results. When I finished her hair I said “ok, there you go, now you look like Sponge Bob” She immediately turned around with a puzzled look on her face as I searched Google Images for a picture of Sponge Bob. when I found one I told her I was going to take her picture and when I made the “click” noise she immediately wanted to see the picture of herself. Of course the image on my phone displayed Sponge Bob in some crazy pose as she exclaimed “I don’t wanna look like Sponge Bob!” Which of course my father and I exploded into laughter. I said “ok, let me fix it” and then took another picture and showed her a different picture of Sponge Bob as she started to look at her hands as if to try and piece it together on how fixing her hair could turn her into one of her favorite cartoons.. I had to then let her off the hook and fix her hair and assure her that she was back to normal mainly because I didn’t want Lia in therapy anytime soon, or never for that matter. Oh Lia, so much fun planned…so little time.

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