That’s Batastic

Having a child has been an experience I will not soon forget. Having a child that gives her interpretation of English words, well that’s just the icing on the cake. Last month it was “snarecrow” and this month has been “batastic” which is clearly the word fantastic, just heard wrong I’m guessing. She uses these words in the correct context which makes it that much more amusing. For example, Lia had been playing with Cassondra’s hair and putting clips in it when she steps back to view her work and says to her that she looked “Batastic”. In writing these past few years I have watched Lia blossom into a beautiful gem of a little girl with an active imagination. However, with imagination comes great responsibility to see through her cuteness to view what she might really be up to. There are many times when things grow eerily silent and she is not within viewing range and you call out to her “Lia, what are you doing?”. Now, in the past she would stop what shes doing and run into where you are at and reply “I’m not doing anything”. Fast forward a couple of months and when asked the same question you notice a slight pause before she replies “anything”. Now, I know she only almost 4, but she is deceivingly telling the truth. Anything IS what she is doing and that can account for many many things, so I just laugh and just check in on her to make sure she is not juggling knives, because that would be a bad thing… mainly because knife jugglers in the circus don’t make that much money.

During a Fall festival close to where we live, Lia had a chance to really live it up in a few moon walkers, face painting and of course, everyone wins children games. She had a blast and was not only the proud owner of more candy than she could devour, but also the new owner of 2 goldfish for which she “won”. Now when I say won, I mean they handed her a fish net and the object was to see how long it would take a toddler to follow a fish around in a tiny aquarium until the fish finally gave up. With our 2 new goldfish, we were given 2 coupons for 2 more fish at a local pet store which we headed to shortly after the event. There we purchased all the goodies needed to create a nice environment for our 4 newest finned family members. Lia was in charge of naming them which was fun because they had a different name every time she came over to visit, which of course was fine because they were her fish. It wasn’t until the third week of ownership that one of them died, and a few days later another one died until finally a third one had died. So, now we were left with one goldfish which we had pretty much thought his days were numbered, but found out to be quite the opposite (so far). What we did notice was that this goldfish seemed to be VERY happy with his new found space with no other tenants. So much so that he literally spends most of his days swimming back and forth like an aquatic Michael Phelps relaying from one end of the aquarium to the other. With this type of behavior in motion Cassondra and I came up with 2 conclusions: A. He is trying to get our attention and motion to us that something is wrong (for all we know he is swimming back and forth yelling “HEEEEEYYYYYYYYY”), or he truly glad to be rid of his roommates and he purposely knocked them off one by one while were not looking and he is some type of dorsal finned serial killer. We agreed on the latter and have since named him Dexter, named after a popular tv character who plays a serial killer with the same name.

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