It’s beginning to look a lot like Birthristmas

I have gotten to the point where I have to make notes of all the things Lia does and says so I won’t forget to write about them. Last year I wrote about a new year will bring new memories, what I probably should have written is that every year will bring more than I ever could have imagined.

This December was full of Birthdays, Christmases, and more time with my cherished angel. I’m especially fond of her age right now because of ever evolving knowledge and understanding of the world around her and her interaction with it. She is full of the cutest sayings and a constant beam of laughter, energy and imagination I could have ever wished for.

One night while getting ready for bed she had a cup from the previous night sitting on her dresser that had a little water left over in it. She asked me if the water was old and I told her it was from last night, so it is considered old, but ok to drink. She then began to drink it all and put the cup down and told me in a way to reassure me that she couldn’t taste the old in it. I smiled and thought what in fact does old water taste like to her?

Looking through the Christmas advertisements over the holidays, I realized Lia employed a sense of accidental psychology in her request for toys. When she turned the pages, she didn’t yell “i want this and that Daddy!”, she instead phrased it like a poor orphan shivering in the cold wearing a potato sack saying “I don’t have this Daddy”. Of course this is purely coincidental psychology because we all have wants and do without them everyday, but when your almost 4 year old daughter phrases it as if she doesn’t have this certain toy to complete her it’s another story and cute to say the least.

The arrival of her fourth birthday brought love, joy and fun as we celebrated with some very close friends and family at a local park. She enjoyed everything from swinging with her grandmother and grandfather, playing hide and seek to opening presents complete with home made cake and of course present opening. She referred to any other kid at the park as “that little boy, or that little girl”, which is cute because she is smaller than kids younger than her, but that didn’t stop her from “making best friends” with all of them. It was her day to shine and she knew it, as it was her presents sitting on a park table with other kids taking notice and she was soaking it all in, the attention, the playground and the memory. I know it has been the best birthday to date, and plan for many more to follow.

At last, Christmas morning had arrived. The presents that had been teasing her every morning by staring her in the face had begun to say their last prayers because soon they would fall victim to what can only be described as “the opening”. I have to say Lia surprised me with her patience in getting to Christmas. She did of course keep asking when Christmas was, but she had a full understanding of patience and soon she would be the one dancing in the minds of sugar plums as today had finally approached. One by one, she opened each gift and reminded us each time that each toy was in fact “the one she had always wanted” as she soon discarded it and dove into the next. It took me back to when ignorance was bliss and my Christmas mornings mimicked the exuberance and joy that each gift brought. Only now, she was the one giving me that feeling as she tore feverishly though each present and the smiles on her face and high pitched sequels capped the early morning rush that only Christmas can bring.

One of her favorite presents (which apparently all of them were) was a kids play tent. I really didn’t understand the magnitude of the tent with her until I noticed she had moved into it, literally before lunch. I figured she would ask for a change of address request form by dinner time at the rate she was going. She had everything a kid would need to survive roughly 2 hours in it before she was bored or Dylan would walk by and sniff her tent which would aggravate her. I know this because I could her here tattle on Dylan that he was “too close” to her tent. I’m really surprised she didn’t set up a 24 hour surveillance with her dolls and stuffed animals, but realized she didn;t because they were ALL in the tent with her along with her new “sleeking” bag (which by the way she begged to sleep in her first night).

With a slew of places and family members to see, Lia was the life of the party. She interacted with everyone, enjoyed their company and was absolutely adored everywhere we went. This was a Christmas that will not soon be forgotten, and I pray the Lord will continue to bless us and provide many more close moments like these in the many years to come.

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