Sunday Sleep-in

Dylan Chair

I decided after working almost all day yesterday that I was going to forgo church this morning and “lazy day” it and sleep in a little. Just as I am slowly waking up I feel a weight on the side of my stomach that I don’t remember feeling when I went to sleep last night. Since I am facing outward and sleeping on my side I slowly roll over and realize Dylan is sleeping on his side, facing me with his paw just above my hip. It’s then that I realize that he is sort of spooning me.

I quickly jumped out of bed and exclaim “Dude!”, as I’m sure any other straight guy would do. I then begin to tell him that I don’t care if he grows up to learn the piano, wear flamboyant outfits and glasses and change his name to Elton (not that there is anything wrong with that), but I will support him regardless.

I do realize that he is only 5.5 months now, and he is learning about his body, but does he really have to mount every male dog at the dog park? I mean come on, I’m sure Ang Lee is not currently scouting talent for Broke Ridgeback Mountain. Needless to say, Dylan will now be sleeping in his blue chair; which I’m sure he will outgrow in about 10 more minutes.

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