Once a bottom time

Yes, you read that right, a little story that Lia recently told us began with “once a bottom time”. I had to get her to say it a few times to be sure of it, but yes that was her interpretation to the beginning of fairy tales. Her stories range from the insanely ridiculous to using pieces of stories I have told her in the past. I’m really loving her creativity and she is showcasing some great ad lib capabilities in each of her stories.

A few weeks before Lia’s birthday I had stumbled across a place called Sky High Sports. When I got home I looked them up on the web and found that someone actually brought a childhood dream of mine to life; a matrix of wall to wall trampolines. I have taken Lia to pump it up and other air filled bouncy places and she enjoyed them but this place was to say the least was a one fun and full hour action packed, all purpose energy diffuser. This place was packed and Lia couldn’t wait to get her jump on. A little cautious at first, as she jumped primarily in one square trampoline area and before you knew it she was literally bouncing off the walls. Square to square, jump zone to jump zone she eventually made her way to the foam pit. The foam pit was a little intimidating at first to her because she actually had to jump into foam nothingness with nothing to hold on to. After seeing the first few kids attempt them with no hesitancy, she was soon in mid air “arms out” feet first into the pit. It took her a few seconds to climb out but she was raring to go a few 20 more times before she was tuckered out and her jump time had expired. I have to say, it was definitely worth the price of admission and each time we go the crowds seem to double in size. I’d say this is tied for first in comparison to go-cart driving, but this definitely lasts longer and is steadily climbing the charts.

I have to say, bedtime has become one of my favorite times with Lia. Something about winding down the day with her as we both lay in her bed and talk about her favorite parts of the day as we look forward to the next days events or plans. Lia is also entitled to 2-4 stories depending on her behavior before bedtime. She likes to lay her head on my chest as I read the stories she has chosen for the night (noticing that she is smart enough to TRY and pick the 65 page small type children’s story books) but quickly divert to the shorter stories that are far more entertaining. It is a special time for me especially because it’s almost like this aura surrounds us in our own little storybook world and the bond that grows between us is palpable. Time slows down those few minutes after the stories are over as I tuck her in and kiss her forehead and pray that God watches over her. It’s those precious moments that I think of when she is not around as I pass her empty room or pick up a toy or drawing up off the floor that play back in and my mind and are forever burned into my memories of our time together.

Happy Valentine’s Day my sweetie, Daddy loves you.

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