Garbage Sale

Time is really starting to fly by as you are growing up faster than I am comfortable with. I was in a store today and I imagined you running up to a end display that had some princess and Disney accessories and asking could you have one. I immediately thought about the day when you were no longer small enough to hold and carry and it made me sad. One of my old bosses told me years ago that he made his daughter promise him that she would stay 5 forever for him. Although I understood what he was asking, it wasn’t until today that I could actually relate. Of course that would be a selfish request for anyone if it was possible but one that you will understand when you have a child of your own.

My posts over the years have mostly been about our experiences together and my journey as a first time father.  Our interactions together may be limited from week to week but that doesn’t mean I don;t think about you every single day and look forward to our dinners together and our planned weekends together.  We make the most out of any situation we are in from the mundane to the adventurous.  What I like most about our time together is the affection we have and show for each other.  We are always holding hands, sitting next to each other or playing together.  As you grow, I can only hope that the bond grows stronger and that you know that you can come to me for any and everything  and I will always be there for you.  You have been an amazing experience in my life and as I have taught you life lessons, you have in turn taught me a few as well.

The other day you were rummaging through some of your old toys and setting them aside in a separate pile.  You did this for about 30 minutes before I finally came over to ask what it was that you were up to.  You quickly explained that you were putting toys aside that you wanted to sell at our next “Garbage Sale”.  I knew you meant Garage Sale, but played along just so I could hear you say it a few more times.  Funny thing is your phrase is much closer to the truth than you know as people do in fact sell their garbage at garage sales.  What made your story interesting was the “plan” you had for after the garage sale which was to in fact “replace” your old toys with new ones.  Can’t say that I blame you on that…out with the old, and in with the new.  What’s scary/intelligent is your comprehension of a plan and how you go about executing it.  I don’t know how many other 5 year old’s with that aptitude of intellect, I figure most call it a good day if they remember to wipe and flush.

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